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REVAMPgathering: BYO Jewellery Box

Bring along your old or broken jewellery and learn how to revamp it using handmade glass beads and other findings.

Michele Bevis is a glass bead maker who has been making beads for over 14 years. 

Her emubeads are unique handmade beads and have evolved in this time with additions of waste metal materials, found or sourced. She recently re-used the waste staples from her sculptural artworks, and also uses steel swarf waste from a local steel company and the copper wiring stripped from old cables, to name a few of the materials she sources. These metals produce varying degrees of interaction sandwiched between layers of glass, or left rough on the surface.

Michele uses a variety of techniques with added inclusions, which the glass reacts to, producing the unique beads which have become her signature emubeads.

This workshop is now over.

DURATION: Half Day Workshop SAT PM or SUN AM

Book Sunday morning workshop
Book Saturday afternoon workshop


MATERIALS FEE: Paid direct to the tutor on the day depending on the individual materials and beads purchased and used.



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