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Puppet Making with Sol Puppetman

  Since 1996, self-taught puppet maker Sol has been touring Australia’s most prestigious festivals, exhibiting hundreds of his unique brand of marionettes and interactive effigies. He now brings some of these basic skills to bear in a simple workshop designed to promote the creative inspirations at the heart of one of the world’s oldest storytelling devices.

HALF DAY DURATION:    1 – 3.30pm SATURDAY & 9 – 11.30am SUNDAY  

PRICE:                          $50 PER HALF DAY + $20 MATERIAL FEE

DETAILS:                     Using pre-fired ceramic pieces, learn the basics of creating a simple, functioning marionette from up-cycled materials with Sol and Sara of the Squeaking Tribe! Experiment with a variety of textiles and materials to costume your very own colourful character and gain hands-on experience of what it takes to bring into being your own unique Festival Avatar!

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