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Claudje Lecompte



Since completing fine art studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1988, Claudje has taught art to school students and adults, exhibited with various groups and other artists, and more recently has been a committee member, held workshops and exhibited with BADCAP (Scenic Rim) and Sculptors Qld.

Claudje says that “making art for me is about having solid solitary and uninterrupted time in my studios in New Farm and Knapp Creek. In the studio I can meditatively work on a series of clay pinch pots, experiment with new processes and techniques for ceramic and sculptural pieces, play with multi and mixed media, explore the limits and possibilities of raku glazes or simply prepare materials such as processing my own clay or stripping copper wire from cables in readiness for a new piece”. 


Claudje’s art practice continues to develop each year as she learns various techniques through attending classes at BIA, experimenting on her own and sharing knowledge with other artists and students. She describes her artwork as multi and mixed media, usually sculptural although Claudje is also exploring photography. Her focus is form, surface and texture and lately her subject matter is whimsy!



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