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Bamboo Flute Making with Noel Dowling

Noel has been interested in flutes for 20 years and now, as well as doing workshops, he has a market for selling them worldwide.

This workshop is now over.

HALF DAY DURATION:   9 – 11.30AM or 1 – 3.30PM on SATURDAY & SUNDAY 

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Book Sunday Afternoon Workshop

PRICE:                          $50 PER HALF DAY + $10 MATERIAL FEE

Participants will make and play their own shukuhachi, native American or transverse bamboo flute to take home with them. The skills acquired will not only be in the making of the flute but also in the playing of it afterwards, while in the process transforming a very common ‘weed’ into a beautiful musical instrument.

Bamboo is a material that is freely accessible to almost everyone. The Aurea running bamboo I use ( harvested about 1 km from my home) to make these flutes is to many people a terrible invasive weed. Looked at with a different attitude it becomes a resource full of possibilities and potential……and to me, a multitude of magical flutes.

Making your own bamboo flute has the potential to transform a person from being a passive consumer of materials and entertainment, to become a maker, player and musician. The unique flute they have made can then become a vehicle for the expression of their own inner music, for their own relaxation, or to share with others.     

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