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There are a number of ways you can participate in and contribute to the vibrant arts life of the Scenic Rim. You can easily get involved with BADCAP.

Volunteer –  We always welcome volunteers. There are always heaps of varieds task to do! Please contact BADCAP indicating that you would like to volunteer and we’ll add you to our contact list.

Join up – You can volunteer your time as a member of BADCAP. We meet monthly in Beaudesert to organise our projects and events and all members pitch in as best they can. Sometime we meet for an art workshop or an excursion. Please contact BADCAP asking for membership details.

Sponsor – Community art events rely on the generosity of businesses and individuals to make them happen. You can support these events with acknowledged donations of cash, access to your equipment or other resources or the allocation staff time to assist the event. Please contact BADCAP indicate that you would like to discuss sponsorship or donate here.

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