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Lake Wyaralong Sculpture Park

Established in 2015 as a result of BADCAP’s Wyaralong Sculpture Festival and Symposium and the inaugural work of seven artists,  Lake Wyaralong Sculpture Park is now home to a growing collection of large scale sculptures. Follow Lake Wyaralong Sculpture Park.

Lake Wyaralong was formed by the building of the Wyaralong Dam in 2011 is managed as a water supply dam of behalf the Queensland Government by Seqwater. The permanent sculpture park was made possible by the support and authorisation from Seqwater. The lake and the nearby protected catchment area provides for a range of non-motorised recreation facilities including the Queensland State Rowing Centre and the Mt Joyce Recreation Park. The location has become a major tourism draw card for the Scenic Rim region.

An eighth sculpture ‘Sunday Ride’ was added in 2016 in memory of South East Queensland Sculptor and avid cyclist Craig Medson.

A ninth ‘Vintage Rowing Machine’ sculpture was added in early 2021.

See details on the site map for Lake Wyaralong Sculpture Park and images further below.


Inuagural artworks – 2015

1 Night Swimmer Jacques van der Merwe


2 The Ancient Wyaralong Water Dragon Paul Stumkat



3 Fishing for Humour Silvio Apponyi



4 Good Times Radha Pedersen



5 Humming Stone Birgit Grapentin



6 Water Portal Luke Zwolsman



7 Balance Thomas Reifferschild



Artwork added 2016

8 Sunday Ride Silvio Apponyi, Luke Zwolsman, Paul Stumkat, Birgit Grapentin, Thomas Reifferscheid and Fiona Medson (McCarron)
Concept by Craig Medson (1960 – 2015)

This could well be the biggest sculpture of a bike in Australia with the finished artwork being approximately 5metres long and 2 metres high, using 9 tonne of sandstone.

Seven inaugual sculptures adorn the hill overlooking Lake Wyaralong. Eight original submissions were chosen; one of which was by north coast sculptor Craig Medson. He was one of the sculptors in BADCAP’s inaugural 2008 International Symposium. Sadly, Craig Medson passed away in 2015, but with the help of a Scenic Rim Regional Council RADF funding and the overwhelming desire of BADCAP members and Craig’s wife Fiona, the sculpture went ahead.

Five of the sculptors from the Wyaralong Sculpture Festival and Symposium worked together to see the enormous sculpture of a bike to Craig’s original design come to fruition. The sculptors, who all had the highest respect for Craig’s work are Luke Zwolsman, Birgit Grapentin, Silvio Apponyi, Paul Stumkat and Thomas Reifferscheid who came all the way from Germany to lend a hand.

Craig Medson loved bike riding, especially on Sundays, so he named this piece “Sunday Ride”. Fiona Medson, an established sculptor herself, is honoured to be overseeing this project on Craig’s behalf.

Sunday Ride

Artwork added in 2021

9 Vintage Rowing Machine Chris Trotter 2021


Other earlier artworks

10 RAAF Memorial Catherine Anderson 2008

11 Time to Soar Antone Bruinsma 2008


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